A Threefold Eucharist

Composed by T Polyphilus Ep. Gn., A.L. IV xvi

A double-cube altar is clothed in purple. It is set with a lit candle; filled cup of water; paten bearing a single grape, a morsel of chocolate, and a roasted, salted nut; a dagger; a scourge; and a chain. The dagger is on the far side of the altar, towards the Boleskine kiblah. (If desired, a copy of the Stele of Revealing may be set up apart from the altar in the direction of the kiblah as well.) These are arranged on the altar so that they take the following places in a qabalistic scheme: * The dagger has its handle to the right, and represents the path of //daleth//, crossed by the path of //gimel//. * The cup represents the sephirah //Gedulah//. * The candle represents the sephirah //Geburah//. * The paten represents the sephirah //Tiphareth//. * The chain represents the path of //nun//. * The scourge represents the path of //ayin//. The celebrant is shirtless in black pants and a black cap.


(facing east over the altar)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I have at hand the Mystery
Of triform primal energy.

It is my will that these be wrought
Into my every deed and thought.

Love is the law, love under will.


Fercula nostra Deum sapiant,
Horus et influat in pateras;
seria, ludicra, verba, iocos,
denique quod sumus aut agimus,
trina superne regat pietas.

(“May our dishes savor of God, and Horus be poured into our bowls; may all things grave or light, our talk, our cheer, all that we are or do, be governed by the threefold love from on high.”)

Sulphur, Salt, and Mercury:
Which is master of the three?

Salt is Lady of the Sea;
Lord of Air is Mercury.

Now by God’s grace here is salt
Fixed beneath the violet vault. (place chain around neck)

Now by God’s love purge it through
With our right Hermetic dew. (cut breast with dagger)

Now by God wherein we trust
Be our sophic salt combust. (scourge self eleven times)

(circumambulate the altar once deosil)
Then at last the Eye shall see
Three in One and One in Three,

Sulphur, Salt, and Mercury,
Crowned by Heavenly Alchemy!

To the One who sent the Seven
Glory in the Highest Heaven!

To the Seven who are the Ten
Glory on the Earth, Amen!


(place right hand over water)
Aqua est, que occidit et vivificat.

(“It is water that kills and makes alive.”)

(place right hand over paten)
Dicunt sapientes: Tria et Tria sunt unum.
Deinde dixerunt: in uno sunt tria.

(“Therefore the wise say: Three and Three are one. Further they said: in one there are three.”)

There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.


(drink water) How should I cease from lethargy? (eat nut, drink again)

How should I quench activity? (eat chocolate, drink again)

How should I give up ecstasy? (eat grape, drink again)

Let this Royal Alchemy
Work upon itself in me.

Sulphur, Salt, and Mercury:
I am master of the three!

Hic sancto satiatus
ex propheta iustorum
capiet cibos virorum,
qui fructum Domino metunt perenni.

(“Then will he receive from the holy prophet the food of righteous men who reap the harvest for their everlasting Master, and he will be satisfied.”)


(Move to the far side of the altar, and turn around to face it.)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I have within the Mystery
Of triform primal energy.

My word is said, my will is done,
Mine is the glory of the Sun.

Love is the law, love under will.

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