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Liber 777 vel Prolegomena Symbolica Ad Systemam Sceptico-Mysticæ Viæ Explicandæ, Fundamentum Hieroglyphicum Sanctissimorum Scientiæ Summæ

Publication in Class B.

Table I

I. Key Scale, II. Hebrew Names of Numbers and Letters, III. English of Col II, IV Consciousness of the Adept, V. God-Names in Assiah

VI. The Heavens of Assiah, VII. English of Col. VI, VIII. Orders of Qliphoth

IX. The Sword and the Serpent, X. Mystic Number of the Sephiroth, XI. Elements (with their Planetary Rulers), XII. The Tree of Life

XIII. The Paths of the Sepher Yetzirah, XIV. The General Attribution of Tarot, XV. The King Scale of Colour

XVI. The Queen Scale of Colour, XVII. The Emperor Scale of Colour, XVIII. The Empress Scale of Colour

XIX. Selection of Egyptian Gods, XX. Complete Practical Attribution of Egyptian Gods, XXI. The Perfected Man

XXII. Small selection of Hindu Deities, XXIII. The Forty Buddhist Meditations

XXIV. Certain fo the Hindu and Buddhist Results, XXV.-XXII., XXXIII. Some Scandinavian Gods, XXXIV. Some Greek Gods

XXXV. Some Roman Gods, XXXVI. Selection of Christian Gods (10); Apostles (12); Evangelists (4) and Churches of Asia (7), XXXVII. Hindu Legendary Demons

XXXVIII. Animals, Real and Imaginary, XXXIX. Plants, Real and Imaginary

XL. Precious Stones, XLI. Magical Weapons, CLXXXVII. Magical Formulæ (see Col XLI)

XLII. Perfumes, XLII. Vegetable Drugs, XLIV. Mineral Drugs

XLV. Magical Powers [Western Mysticism], XLVI. System of Taoism

XLVII. Kings and Princes of the Jinn, XLVII. Figures related to Pure Number, XLIX. Lineal Figures of the Planets, &c., and Geomancy

L. Transcendental Polarity [10 Virtues (1-10), 7 Sins (Planets), 4 Magick Powers (Elements).], LI. The Coptic Alphabet, Numeration of Col LI, English equivalent of Col LI

LII. The Arabic Alphabet, CLXXXIV. Numeration of Arabic Alphabet, LIII. The Greek Alphabet, CLXXV. Numeration of Greek Alphabet, CLXXXVI. Diseases (Typical)

Table II

LIV. The Letters of the Name, LV. The Elements and Senses, LVI. The Four Rivers, LVII. The Four Quarters, LVIII. Supreme Elemental Kings

LIX. Archangels of the Quarters, LX. The Rulers of the Elementals, LXI. Angels of the Elements, LXII. Kings of the Elemental Spirits

LXIII. The Four Winds, LXIV. Secret Names of the Four Words, LXV. Secret Numbers corresponding, LXVI. Spelling of Tetragrammaton in the Four Worlds

LXVII. The Parts of the Soul, LXVIII. The Demon Kings, LXIX. The Alchemical Elements, LXX. Attribution of Pentagram

LXXI. The Court Cards of the Tarot, with the Spheres of their Celestial Dominatino—Wands, LXXII. The Court Cards of the Tarot, with the Spheres of their Celestial Dominatino—Cups

LXXIII. The Court Cards of the Tarot, with the Spheres of their Celestial Dominatino—Swords, LXXIV. The Court Cards of the Tarot, with the Spheres of their Celestial Dominatino—Pantacles

LXXV. The Five Elements (Tatwas), LXXVI. The Five Skandas, CLXXVIII. The Body, CLXXXIX. CXC. Bodily Functions

The Four Noble Truths (Buddhism)

Table III

LXXVII. The Planets and their Numbers, LXXVIII. Intelligences of the Planets, CXCIV (transliteration)

LXXIX. Spirits of the Planets, CXCIII (transliteration), LXXX. Olympic Planetary Spirits, LXXI. Metals, LXXXII. The Noble Eightfold Path

CXCII. English of Col LXXXII, LXXXIII. The Attribution of the Hexagram

LXXXIV. Divine Names of Briah, LXXXV. Angels of Briah, LXXXVI. Choirs of Angels in Briah, LXXXVII. Palaces of Briah

LXXXVIII. Translation of Col LXXXVII, LXXXIX. The Revolutions of AHIH in Briah, XC. The 42-fold Name which revolves in the Palaces of Yetzirah, XCI. The Saints or Adepts of the Hebrews

XCII. The Angelic Functions in the World of Yetzirah, XCIII. The Heavens of Assiah, XCIV. English of Palaces (Col XCIII)

Table IV

CXVI. Egyptian Attribution of Parts of the Soul, CXVII. The Soul (Hindu), CXVIII. The Chakras or Centres of Prana (Hinduism), CXIX. The Ten Fetters (Buddhism)

CXX. Magical Images of the Sephiroth, CXXI. The Grades of the Order, CXXII. The Ten Plagues of Egypt

CXIII. English of Col VIII Lines 1-10, CXXIV. The Heavely Hexagram, CXXV. Seven Hells of the Arabs, CXXVI. Their Inhabitants, CXXVII. Seven Heavens of the Arabs

CXXVIII. Meaning of Col CXXVII, CXXIV. Pairs of Angels ruling Wands, CXXX. Pairs of Angels ruling Cups, CXXXI. Pairs of Angels ruling Swords

CXXXII. Pairs of Angels ruling Coins, CXXXIII. Titles and Attributions of the Wand Suit [Clubs], CXXXIV. Titles and Attributions of the Cup or Chalice Suit [Hearts]

CXXXV. Titles and Attributions of the Sword Suit [Spades], CXXXVI. Titles and Attributions of the Coin, Disc or Pantacle Suit [Diamonds]

Table V

CXXXVII. Signs of the Zodiac, CXXXVIII. Planets ruling Col CXXXVII, CXXXIX. Planets exalted in Col CXXXVII, CXL. Twelve Banners of the Name, CXLI. The Twelve Tribes

CXLII. Angels ruling Houses, CXLIII. Twelve Lesser Assistant Angels in the Signs, CXXXIX. Angel Lords of the Triplicity in the Signs by Day, CXL. Angel Lords of the Triplicity in the Signs by Night

CXLVI. Angels of the Decantes (Ascendant), CXLVII, Angels of the Decantes (Succedent), CXLVIII. Angels of the Decantes (Cadent)

CXLIX. Magical Images of the Decans (Ascendant), CL. Magical Images of te Decans (Succedent)

CLI. Magical Images of the Decans (Cadent), CLII. Perfumes (Ascendant), CLIII. Perfumes (Succedent), CLIV. Perfumes (Cadent)

CLV. Goetic Demons of Decans by Day (Ascendant), CLVI. Magical Images of Col. CLV

CLVII. Goetic Demos of Decans by Day (Succedent), CLVIII. Magical Images of Col. CLVII

CLIX. Goetic Demons of Decans by Day (Cadent), CLX. Magical Images of Col. CLIX

CLXI. Goetic Demons &c. by Night (Ascendant), CLXII. Magical Images of Col. CLXI

CLXIII. Goetic Demons &c. by Night (Succedent), CLXIV. Magical Images of COl. CLXIII

CLXV. Goetic Demons &c. by Night (Cadent), CLXVI. Magical Images of Col. CLXV

CLXVII. Egyptian Gods of Zodiac (Asc. Decans), CLXVIII. Egyptian Names of Asc. Decans, CLXIX. As Col. CXVII (Succedent), CLXX. As Col. CXVIII (Succendent), CLXXI. As Col. CXLVII (Cadent), CLXXII. As Col. CXLVIII (Cadent)

CLXXII. Genii of the Twelve Hours (Levi)

CLXXIV. The Mansions of the Moon. [Hindu, Nakshatra] Arab, Manazil

Table VI

CLXXV. Hebrew Letters, CLXXVI. Numerical Value of Col. CLXXV, CLXXVII. Yetziratic Attribution of Col. CLXXV, CLXXVII. Geomantic Intelligences, CLXXIX. Numbers printed on Tarot Trumps

CLXXX. Title of Tarot Trumps, CLXXXI. Correct Design of Tarot Trumps

CLXXXII. The Human Body, CLXXXIII. Legendary Orders of Being

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