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The International was a literary and arts journal founded by George Sylvester Viereck, published in New York between WWI and WWII. For a number of years during the period of silence between The Equinox Volume I and Volume III, Aleister Crowley was a contributing editor for this journal and many essays, poems and plays appeared under various names (including Baphomet and The Master Therion) authored by him. For example, the first publication of the Gnostic Mass, which became Liber XV, appeared in this journal. Also, several of Crowley’s Simon Iff stories appeared in the pages of The International, under the pseudonym Edward Kelly.

Title Author
Italy Aleister Crowley
The End of England Aleister Crowley
The Doubles (Poem) George Sylvester Viereck
The Blunders of Edward VII Aleister Crowley
The Soul's Desire Jeanne Robert Foster
Lieutenant Finn's Promotion Aleister Crowley
The Fairy Blanche Shoemaker Wagstaff
The Chute Aleister Crowley
1066: A Study of the Ruling Class of England Aleister Crowley
The Revival of Magick The Master Therion
Glints of an October Opal
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A Word to Our Friends
Cocaine Aleister Crowley
In the Red Room of Rose Croix
The Scrutines of Simon Iff. No. 2. The Artistic Temperament Edward Kelly
A Perfect Pianissimo Aleister Crowley
The Revival of Magick The Master Therion
An African Love Song Charles Beadle
The Discovery of Gneugh-Ioughrck
Absinthe Jeanne la Goulue
Last Night Faith Baldwin
Groans From the Padded Cell
Love is One
The Argument That Took the Wrong Turning
The Burning of Melcarth Mark Wells
Confessions of a Barbarian George Sylvester Viereck
The Spirit of the Strong Aleister Crowley
Two Prose Poems Helen Woljieska
Quelque Chose (Some Shows)
The Gate of Knowledge
The Ouija Board The Master Therion
War Poetry Enid Parsons
The International Forum
The Editor Boosts the Next Number
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Humanity First Aleister Crowley
The Scrutinies of Simon Iff. No. 3. Outside the Bank’s RoutineEdward Kelly
Sekhet Adam D'as
The Revival of Magick The Master Therion
Flowers Ernest MCGaffey
Hymn Charles Baudelaire
The Hearth Mark Wells
Pan Vincent Starrett
Ireland Faith Baldwin
The Rake's Progress (A.C.)
The Philosophy of Militarism George Sylvester Viereck
Shakespeare: Rebel, Aristocrat and Pessimist Louis U. Wilkinson
How Horoscopes Are Faked Cor Scorpionis
An Altered Circumstance Alexander Harvey
The Professor and the Plutocrat S. J. Mill
A Comedy of Disillusion Joseph B. Rethy
A Glimpse into the Theatres
The Gate of Knowledge
Songs of Manhattan Morris A. Beer
Forecast for the Month of January
We Stand Above Aleister Crowley
The Scrutinies of Simon Iff. No. 4. The Conduct of John Briggs Edward Kelly
Nqo Charles Beadle
Concerning Death Baphomet
Pax Hominibus Bonae Voluntatis A. C.
The Box of Counters Hans Heinz Ewers
A Septennial Aleister Crowley
Inspired Bureaucracy George Sylvester Viereck
Art and Clairvoyance J. Turner
Barnard's Lincoln Unvisited
A Riddle Aleister Crowley
The Plaint of Eve George Sylvester Viereck
Auguste Rodin
Music of the Month “Haute Boy”
Drama as She Is Played
The Gate of Knowledge
The International Forum
More War Poetry
Portrait of a Jackal George Sylvester Viereck
(Front Matter)
February Fill-Dykes
England Speaks Aleister Crowley
The Scrutinies of Simon Iff. No. 5. Not Good EnoughEdward Kelly
A Poetry Society — in Madagascar?
The Heart of Holy Russia Aleister Crowley
Love Lies Bleeding
The Morals of Europe George Sylvester Viereck
The Conversion of Austin Harrison — Editorial
The Bath Clytie Hazel Kearney
The God of Ibreez Mark Wells
Finalism George Raffalovich
The Message of the Master Therion
The Law of Liberty
Troth Heinrich Heine
A Glimpse into the Theatres
Music of the Month
The Gate of Knowledge
A Worn Rose Lola Ridge
(Front Matter)
Jugging the March Hare
Wanted — Moderate Men Aleister Crowley
The Scrutinies of Simon Iff. No. 6. Ineligible Edward Kelly
Costly Pillows Kondrad Bercovici
De Thaumaturgia. Concerning the Working of Wonders The Master Therion
The Mass of Saint Secaire. Translated by Mark Wells Barbey de Rochechouart
Poem Aleister Crowley
To-day David Rosenthal
Absinthe — The Green Goddess Aleister Crowley
At the Feet of Our Lady of Darkness. Translated by Aleister CrowleyIzeh Kranil
The Priestess of the Graal
The Third Liberty Loan
Love and Laughter
With the Armies in Mittel-Europa. Translated by Helen Woljeska By Various Authors
Colors of the Japanese Houses of Sleep Yone Noguchi
Adam and Eve George Sylvester Viereck
Four Poems Aleister Crowley
A Glimpse into the Threatres
To a Sparrow Sasaki Shigetz
Empty Nests Sasaki Shigetz
Music of the Month
Book Reviews
April Showers of Amusement
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A Hymn for the American People Aleister Crowley
Good Hunting (An Essay on the Nature of Comedy and Tragedy) Baphomet
Ecclesiae Gnosticae Canon MissaeThe Master Therion
The Saviour, a drama Aleister Crowley
The Stirrup Cup, a paean S. J. Alexander
Elder Eel, a sketch Lord Bolsekine
Rococo, a dramatic vignette Helen Woljeska
Francisku, a dramatic maasque Helen Woljeska
Knight-Errant, a dramatic miniature Aleister Crowley
The Gods, a mystery, from the Coptic of Iao Sabao
Love and Time, a lyric John Roberts
The Bonds of Marriage, a romantic farce Aleister Crowley
Windflowers of Asklepiades, epigrams, translated from the Greek Ed. Storer
Lady Godiva, a comedy Joseph Bernard Rethy
The Hippodrome Horror, a nightmare drama Leila Waddell
The Rialto and the Drama Joseph Bernard Rethy
Sappho on the Cliff, a tragic monologue Faith Baldwin
To Our Readers
Atthis at Leukatas Faith Baldwin
The King of the Wood Mark Wells
Le Sacrament Jeanne La Goulue
Robbing Miss Horniman Aleister Crowley
The Suburbanite; and The Riddle Helen Woljeska
The Old Man of the Peepul-tree James Grahame
The Ideal Idol Cyril Custance
The Call of the Sea S. J. Alexander
Irritability Dorothy Willis
Four Sonnets Vincent Starrett
A Pard-like Spirit Alexander Harvey
A Sonnet A. Newman
Visions Aleister Crowley
The Sage of Copenhagen George Sylvester Viereck
A Doctor of Men Charles Beadle
The Bath David Rosenthal
Balance David Rosenthal
Shinto Shigetsu Sasaki
The Other Woman Ida Alexander
The Scarabee Aleister Crowley
The Tuscan Glory M. B. Levick
You Are a Rose David Rosenthal
The Drama — Eva Tanguay Aleister Crowley
Music Leila Waddell
Announcement [Our Policy]
Slaves of the Drug Edwin Markham
The Ragged Edge Hamilton Craigie
In the Dusk of the Day Maurice Relonde
Conventional Complacency Lindley M. Keasbey
Jack Biddle from Nowhere Ford Tarpley
Five Japanese Essays Yone Noguchi
Alastair Arcott
Illumination Dorothy Willis
Foreigners Tom Ransford
The Characteristic Gesture Alexander Harvey
Intellectual Drama George Sylvester Viereck
An Interview with Auer Leila Bathurst
Some of the Latest and Best Books

Karl Germer’s list of Aleister Crowley’s contributions, under various names, to The International is online as Primary Sources at Thelema Lodge Calendar for October 1997 e.v. Below is a list of transcriptions from the pages of The International that appear from this list in the archives of the Thelema Lodge Calendar:

Several of the works by Aleister Crowley from the pages of The International have subsequently been included in compilations, such as simoniff.jpg


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