The Equinox

Cover Vol No Date Title Resources
I i An V, Aries
Spring, 1909
The Equinox Page PDF
I ii An V, Libra
Fall, 1909
The Equinox Page PDF
I iii An VI, Aries
Spring, 1910
The Equinox Page PDF
I iv An VI, Libra
Fall, 1910
The Equinox Page PDF
I v An VII, Aries
Spring, 1911
The Equinox Page PDF
I vi An VII, Libra
Fall, 1910
The Equinox Page PDF
I vii An VIII, Aries
Spring, 1912
The Equinox Page PDF
I viii An VIII, Libra
Fall, 1912
The Equinox Page PDF
I ix An IX, Aries
Spring, 1913
The Equinox Page PDF
I x An IX, Libra
Fall, 1913
The Equinox Page PDF
III i 1919 The (Blue) Equinox Page PDF
III ii III ii 1936 Liber 888 Page PDF
III iii 1939 The Equinox of the Gods Page PDF
III iv 1944 Eight Lectures on Yoga Page PDF
III v Book of Thoth Page PDF
III vi 1971 Liber Aleph Page PDF
III vii Shih Yi Page PDF
III viii 1983 Tao Te Ching Page PDF
III ix The Holy Books of Thelema Page PDF
III x The Equinox: The Review of Scientific Illuminism Page PDF
IV i 1996 Commentaries on the Holy Books and Other Papers Page PDF
IV ii 1998 The Vision & the Voice With Commentary and Other Papers Page PDF

Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., London (No. 1, 1909; No. 2, 1909; No. 3, 1910)
Privately published, London (No. 4, 1910; No. 5, 1911)
Weiland & Company, London (No. 6, 1911; No. 7, 1912; No. 8, 1912; No. 9, 1913; No. 10, 1913)
Samuel Weiser Inc., NY (Nos. 1-10, 1972)
Gordon Press, New York (November 1, 1973)
Samuel Weiser Inc., NY (Nos. 1-10, 1978)
Mandrake Press Ltd, England (Nos. 1-10, 50 copies, 1992)
Mandrake Press Ltd, England (Nos. 1-10, yellow cover paperback, 1992)
Samuel Weiser Inc., ME (Nos. 1-10, only 750 copies, 1992)
Samuel Weiser Inc., ME (Nos. 1-10, 2 book boxed set, January 1999)


Vol I, 10 book set 0877282064 0877282064 0877282064

Vol I, 2 book set 0877289263 0877289263 0877289263

 IINot issued

During the period of time that this volume would have been produced, Crowley was in the Americas working on various efforts, including The International.

equinox-iiii.jpg III I Spring, 1919

III ii Not issued, but this was based on Liber 888, The Gospel According to Saint Bernard Shaw, which is a commentary on George Bernard Shaw's preface to the play Androcles and the Lion. A duplicated typescript was published in 1953 by Karl Germer. Francis King edited a volume called Crowley on Christ in 1974.

See also: The Gospel According to Saint Bernard Shaw by Aleister Crowley @
See also: Preface to Androcles and the Lion by George Bernard Shaw @ equinox-iiiiii.jpg

III iii 1936

HTML | Amazon Powells abebooks

equinox-iiiiv.jpg III iv 1939

HTML | Amazon Powells Abebooks equinox-iiiv.jpg III v 1944

HTML | Amazon Powells Abebooks equinox-iiivi.jpg III vi 1971

HTML | Amazon Powells Abebooks] equinox-iiivii.jpg III vii 1971


Liber XLIX - Shih Yi Chien (Shih I Ch'ien)
Aleister Crowley's writing as “Ko Yuen” was published as a very small print run in 1971 by Helen Parsons Smith. The work was announced in the Præmonstrance of A∴A∴, Equinox III i, as “Liber XLIX: Shi Yi Chien. An account of the divine perfection illustrated by the seven-fold permutation of the Dyad.”
This document was also included in Yi King, A Beastly Book of Changes, Red Flame No 5, 1998

See also: Liber CCXVI - The I Ching @
“Geomancy” in The International, XII no 1
Præmonstrance of A∴A∴ in Equinox III i
Chapter LIX: Geomancy in Magick Without Tears equinox-iiiviii.jpg III viii 1975

HTML | Amazon equinox-iiiix.jpg III ix 1983

equinox-ivi.jpg IV i 1996 Commentaries on the Holy Books and Other Papers: The Equinox

See also: The Libri of Aleister Crowley @

“This new issue of the Equinox is a companion volume to The Holy Books of Thelema (also published by Samuel Weiser), and a coherent text book in it s own right. It covers the essentials of the A∴ A ∴ system of initiation, from the preliminary stage of Student to the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversion of the Holy Guardian Angel. The centerpiece of the book is the Master Therion's penetrating commentary to the inspired writing THE BOOK OF THE HEART GIRT WITH A SERPENT.” – Publisher Contents

  1. Occultism
  2. One Star in Sight
  3. Liber XXXIII. An Account of A∴A∴
  4. Liber Collegii Sancti sub figura CLXXXV
  5. Liber Vesta vel פרכח sub figura DCC
  6. Four Paintings by J.F.C. Fuller
  7. Liber VIII
  8. Liber LXV with Commentary
  9. Liber LXXI, the Voice of the Silence with Commentary
  10. Shorter Commentaries to the Holy Books

equinox-ivii.jpg IV ii 1998 The Vision & the Voice With Commentary and Other Papers: The Collected Diaries of Aleister Crowley, 1909-1914 E.V. (Equinox)

“This issue of THE EQUINOX features Liber 418, THE VISION AND THE VOICE, and is the record of Crowley's visionary exploration of the 30 Aethyrs of the Enochian system of magick developed by the Elizabethan magicians Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley. Most were received in the Sahara Desert in 1909, with the assistance of Victor B. Neuburg. This text is the source of many of the spiritual doctrines of Thelema, including much of its theogony, particularly concerning the All-Father Chaos and the goddess Babalon. Other works and papers give details of Crowley's advanced initiations. Liber 415, Opus Lutetianum (The Paris Working), is the record of a magical working. It includes the Esoteric Records of the Paris Working as well as the Holy Hymns to the Great Gods of Heaven. The surviving portion of Liber 73, the Urn (Diary, of Magus), and The Book of the Great Auk, are included, as well as The Fox of the Balkans.” – Publisher

See also: Liber XXX Aerum vel Saeculi sub figurâ CCCXVIII @

See also: The Vision and the Voice @


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