The Equinox Vol. III No. I

The Equinox, The Official Organ of the A∴A∴, The Review of Scientific Illuminism, An XV, Vol. III. No. I., ☉ in ♈



Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will. The word of the law is Θελημα


Deus Homo est

THE REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC ILLUMINISM The method of Science; the aim of Religion

An XV     Vol. III No. I     ☉ in ♈


THE MASTER THERION. - Portrait by Leon Engers Kennedy Frontispiece
MAY MORN, by Aleister Crowley facing page 5
FRATER V.I.O. (also called Frater Achad, Parzival, Arctaeon and O.I.V. V.I.O.).
Portrait by Henry B. Camp
facing page 129
THE LAMEN OF FRATER V.I.O. facing page169
THE PANTACLE OF FRATER V.I.O. facing page170
BAPHOMET. - Portrait by Arnold Genthe facing page197
THE WAY, by Aleister Crowley supplement 3



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