Aleister Crowley’s writings on astrology


These two books were published under the authorship of Evangeline Adams, but were both largely ghost-written by Aleister Crowley in 1915 as the document The General Principles of Astrology


In the curriculum of A∴A∴ is Liber Βατραχοφρενοβοοκοσμομαχια sub figurâ DXXXVI (Batrachophrenoboocosmomachia). This also appears in The Equinox, Vol I No X as LIBER ΒΑΤΡΑΧΟΦΕΝΟΒΟΟΚΟΣΜΟΜΑΧΙΑ SVB FIGVRA DXXXVI). The document The General Principles of Astrology also falls under the name of Liber DXXXVI but is considered part of the curriculum of O.T.O. even though it was not published until recently.

How Horoscopes Are Faked” under the pseudonym Cor Scorpionis in The International, Vol XI No 11, Nov 1917

A review of “OGILVIE’S ASTROLOGICAL BIRTHDAY BOOK. By LEO BERNART” under the pseudonym Cor Scorpionis in The Equinox vol. III no. I, p 265

In Magick Without Tears, chapters My Theory of Astrology and How to Learn the Practice of Astrology

And there is much more writing by Aleister Crowley on other this and other topics available at The Libri of Aleister Crowley

Books in which the writings of Aleister Crowley on the topic of astrology, including reconstructions of the original “The General Principles of Astrology” work, appear are

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