Articles of Aleister Crowley

The “Worst Man in the World” Tells the Astounding Story of His Life
by Aleister Crowley
Poet, Artist, Mountaineer, and Magician
The London Sunday Dispatch, Jun 18th, 1933

I Make Myself Invisible
by Aleister Crowley
“The Worst Man in the World”
The London Sunday Dispatch, Jun 25th, 1933

Black Magic is Not a Myth
by Aleister Crowley
“The Worst Man in the World”
The London Sunday Dispatch, Jul 2nd, 1933

The Mystery of Cefalù: Devil worshipers? (trans. from Il Mistero de Cefalù: Adoratori del diavolo?)
Giovanni E Meillie.

Amusing Divorce Evidence. The Judge and the Tartan. A Scotsman by Choice.
The Dundee Courier, Nov 25, 1909

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