The Concordance Project at The Hermeneuticon is a way to develop a research tool for specific texts in The Libri of Aleister Crowley hosted by The Hermetic Library at This project will create a concordance of words within the works of Aleister Crowley. The first stage will be to include the Class A material. Subsequent stages may then move on to the other libri and then even wider materials such as poetry and prose.

The initial conception of this concordance is that it will have two layers. The first layer will have a page for each of the source documents with a table of each word of the text and other information about the context in which each word in the text appears. Each of these words will be linked to the appropriate page in the second layer. The content of first layer entries should primarily be a table with the concordance data. At the bottom of each, there should be links to the appropriate source on itself and to the appropriate entry in the Metadata Project. Pretty much anything else, other than concordance data, that might be added to an entry in this layer, should go on the Metadata entry instead. An example of this first layer is Liber I.

The second layer will be a page for each of these words with an index of all the appearances of that word on the various source text pages. Each appearance will then be linked back to the page for the source text in the first layer. This layer is where things may get filled out with additional information, such as linking to other second layer entries for equivalent entries, based on gematria, related entries, based on meaning, or other similar useful data about that lexical unit. Each second layer entry can also link to articles in the main namespace, or a stub for a future article, where appropriate. Further links on each second layer entry can help to create and participate in a web of correspondences across the various projects, where appropriate, but in-depth exploration beyond linking should be saved for an entry in the main namespace so as not to obfuscate the primary purpose of the Concordance Project as a concordance. An example of this second layer is One.

As currently conceived the table structure for this project is to include useful information in both layers, with both “word” and “source” linked to appropriate entries within the Concordance Project, the former to the second layer and the latter to the first layer.

  • word
  • word before
  • word after
  • context before
  • context after
  • type of word in this use
  • source
  • position