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Concordance » Aleister Crowley » Libers » Liber B vel Magi sub figurâ I

Aleister Crowley » Libers » Liber B vel Magi sub figurâ I

Liber B vel Magi sub figurâ I

WordWord BeforeWord AfterContext BeforeContext AfterType of wordSourcePosition
One is is the Magus adj Liber I00
isOnetheOnethe MagusvLiber I00
theisMagusOne is theMagusart,stopLiber I00
Magusthe One is the nLiber I00
twain His His forcesadjLiber I00
HistwainforcestwainforcesproLiber I00
forcesHis twain His nLiber I00
four His His weaponsadjLiber I00
HisfourweaponsfourweaponsproLiber I00
weaponsHis four His nLiber I00
These are are the Seven Spirits of UnrighteousnessproLiber I00
areThesetheThesethe Seven Spirits of UnrighteousnessvLiber I00
theareSevenThese areSeven Spirits of Unrighteousnessart,stopLiber I00
SevenareSpiritsThese are theSpirits of UnrighteousnessadjLiber I00
SpiritsSevenofThese are the Sevenof UnrighteousnessnLiber I00
ofSpiritsUnrighteousnessThese are the SevenUnrighteousnessprepLiber I00
Unrighteousnessof These are the Seven Spirits ofnLiber I00
seven vultures vultures of eviladjLiber I00
vulturessevenofsevenof evilnLiber I00
ofvulturesevilseven vulturesevilprepLiber I00
evilof seven vultures of adjLiber I00
Thus is is the art and craft of the Magus but glamouradvLiber I00
isThustheThusthe art and craft of the Magus but glamourvLiber I00
theisartThus isthe art of the Magus but glamorart,stopLiber I00
arttheofThus is theof the Magus but glamournLiber I00
ofarttheThus is the artthe Magus but glamorproLiber I00
theofMagusThus is the art ofMagus but glamourart,stopLiber I00
MagusthebutThus is the art of thebut glamournLiber I00
butMagusglamourThus is the art of the MagusglamourconjLiber I00
glamourbut Thus is the art of the Magus but nLiber I00
How shall shall He destroy HimselfadvLiber I00
shallHowHeHowHe destroy HimselfvLiber I00
HeshalldestroyHow shalldestroy HimselfproLiber I00
destroyHeHimselfHow shall HeHimselfvLiber I00
HimselfdestroyHow shall He destroyproLiber I00