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About Colin Campbell

How did you first become interested in magick?

Art class. It was Albrech Durer’s ‘Melancholia I’ that got me interested in the first place. It features the magick square of Jupiter, though inverted. It was all downhill from there…

How long have you been studying magick?

About thirty years. I began when I was in high school, per the above. In fact, I distinctly recall giving a report for which I created a magick square of Saturn out of lead. Yes, I expect they thought I was a bit odd, though I don't expect that particular incident was the tipping point one way or the other.

Wow… there's not much here, is there?

Nope. If you ask me something, I may just post it here. Otherwise, I'm just going to drone on and on about myself, and no one needs that.

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