The Radio Sermonettes

The Moorish Orthodox
Radio Crusade Collective

Published by
The Libertarian Book Club
New York City, 1992

Anti-Copyright 1992

May be freely pirated & used — however, please inform us:

c/o L.B.C.
339 Lafayette St., Room 202
NYC, NY 10012

The M.O.R.C. Collective: Peter Lamborn Wilson, The Army of Smiths (Dave, Sidney, Max), Hakim Bey, Jake Rabinowitz, Thom Metzger (The Moorish Science Monitor), Dave Mandl (design and typography), James Koehnline (front cover). Special thanx & a tip of the fez to WBAI-FM, Pacifica Radio, the Semiotext(e)/Autonomedia Collective (“Vernissage”), and the Libertarian Book Club (who would like to note that the word “libertarian” here does not refer to “LibertarianISM” or the Libertarian Party; the L.B.C. was founded in 1949 when “libertarian” meant ANARCHIST, & we refuse to give up the word).