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il Bagatino

The tarot card Magician or Magus has also been historically known as, among other things, the Juggler or il Bagattino. There is a lesser known character in the commedia named Bagatino, who is a zanni and therefore related to Arlecchino and others. I’ve read Bagatino described as being similar to il Dottore in that he knows everything but can't figure anything out. He's a quick talker, maybe even a confidence man; but, probably all his plans are slightly insane. He's a trickster, a twister, a wicked go-getter. He's got the characteristics of a pig and a cat and a bird. The masks I've seen are closer to Arlecchino than il Dottore; a full half-mask like Arlecchino, but with a furrowed forehead similar to the Doctor.

Here you will find a bunch of assorted documents that I've put together at one time or another in relation to my interest in esoteric studies, whether that's more specifically about philosophy, spirituality, magick, culture or something else entirely.


Various documents and things related to metaphysical, magic pursuits are here. These are generally in the western tradition of modern pagan witchcraft, but spiced with many other flavours.

Magical Work in Oz

An exploration of the connections and patterns between the original Oz stories and the work of magick, in both theoretical and practical aspects. Traveling to Oz is a chance to experience more than what the common state of the human condition. On one level, Oz is a magical place that isn't normal earth, either the faery realms or a land of dreams. On another, Oz could be the afterlife. Another, Oz could be seen as the promise of an “awakened” life in contrast to the sleepy, somnambulant humans stuck in Kansas. Or, Oz is an allegorical tale of initiation and growth, where an individual comes into her power, and meets other powerful allies, who all form either aspects of a reconnected whole self or a vibrant family of choice. Moreover, the experience of Oz is one of magic. Oz is a place where people come into their power and develop skills in the appropriate and right use of power.

Standing in Spirit


A Pagan Study Group about Magdalene

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