The Hermetic Library at has an overall vision of Archiving, Engaging and Encouraging the living Esoteric Tradition. Beginning in 2011, I started the benefit anthology project to help promote newer works in the Esoteric Tradition to the audience of the Hermetic Library and beyond. The anthology project also further raises awareness about the corpus and culture of magick and ritual.

For the anthology project I accept a diverse range of materials, basically looking for things that match with the overall mission and scope of the library. I will be looking for material which speaks to the subject matter of the library, works that broadly relate to the features, fellows, figures, forms and reflections that reside at the library.

These submission guidelines may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. These submission guidelines may be changed or updated from time to time, without notice. But this page is where you should come if you have questions about the current submissions guidelines for the Hermetic Library Anthology Project.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns; or want to submit your work for an anthology, just get in contact with the Librarian.

Anthology albums will be made available as a “pay-what-you-want” download via Bandcamp, but no single-track downloads, with a reasonable but low minimum. Anthologies may also be made available other digital distributors, such as iTunes, Amazon and others, for a fixed price TBD, usually by the venue. I may also make available a professionally-produced, physical CD for those who want to have a physical copy. All proceeds will go toward supporting the work of the library. Contributors to an anthology will be given a code for a free download of their anthology issue and, if revenue from sales allows, a complimentary physical CD of the album but at the very least an opportunity to pick up the physical CD at just the cost of manufacture and shipping.

Artists agree to release their track non-exclusively on the anthology album, selected from tracks submitted to the library. All submitted tracks for this project should be in high quality, lossless format. Contact the librarian for information and arrangements about how to upload submissions, but there are a number of ways to transfer large files. Specifically, acceptable audio files will be as follows, with a preference for 24-bit stereo WAV format:

• lossless WAV, AIFF and FLAC format
• 16 and 24-bit samples
• 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192kHz sample rates
• stereo and mono

Information about each artist will be featured in posts to the Hermetic Library blog and in a dedicated section of the library website for the Anthology project. When submitting tracks for this anthology, each artist can provide biographical information, liner notes for the track (including information on whether this track was created exclusively for this anthology) and an URL to their primary site that will be used to promote the album. Artists in turn agree to promote this benefit album through newsletters, websites, social networks, and other means available.

Artists will retain all rights to their work other than as part of an anthology issue, which will be made available with “all rights reserved.” Artists grant a limited license to sell their work on an anthology with all proceeds going to the library. Artists retain all writer credits. Submitting a track will constitute a release licensing 100% of the master recording, publishing, name & likeness and other related rights to the track for the purpose of an anthology benefit album, with indemnification for the project and assigning all revenue generated by the sale of the album to the library. Artist agrees to enter into a release on the above terms and conditions upon request. Artist is responsible for registering their work for performance royalties (if applicable).

Last updated: 25 Dec 2012

Hermetic Library Anthology Project Journal is a biannual, open access collection of newer works in Hermeticism in a broad sense, the Western Esoteric Tradition, and Aleister Crowley's Thelema. The Journal appears online via the Hermetic Library, and may also be offered in a variety of digital formats and in print.

The journal is intended as a place for both practice and theory, not only informed by the other but with the intention of crossing thresholds between scholar and practitioner. The Journal offers a venue for art and culture that both informs and is informed by esotericism, which will bring the artist into the mix. The Journal is a community of intentional work from theoretic, practical and cultural perspectives that explores and relates to written work and art about or inspired by esotericism and magick in the form of articles, essays, personal narratives, poetry, fiction, plays, artwork, sequential art, biographies, and more.

If after reading through these guidelines you have comments, questions or would like to submit work to the anthology project; contact the librarian.

Open Access

Open access means the online presentation of the Journal is offered at no-cost and all contents are made available to readers immediately at the time of publication, in accord with the ideal of both Gratis Open Access and Gold Open Access publication. This means the Journal is accessible to the widest readership via online presentation, but can also be made available for purchase in other formats for those that are interested in them and want to help support the Journal.

New Work

Unsolicited submissions must be new work that has not previously been published or made available in another publication while under consideration for inclusion in the Journal. The Journal may offer from time to time previously available works of particular merit or that have been solicited from specific creators, but the primary goal of the Journal, and the Anthology Project in general, is to publish newer works.

Permission to Publish

By submitting work to the Journal, permission is granted to the Hermetic Library to publish that work in various formats as part of the Anthology Project, including but not limited to online presentation and other digital formats, in print and in possible future omnibus editions that combine multiple issues in a single physical volume, such as an annual. It is intended that all rights not necessary for the purpose of presenting the Journal remain with the original author or creator, but it must be understood that the Journal in which a work appears may continue to be actively published in various formats.


Journal is an open access publication, which will appear online via the Hermetic Library, and may also be offered in a variety of digital formats and in print. The online presentation will be available to readers at no cost in order to be accessible to the widest readership. While the Journal will be open access and available online at no cost to readers, all proceeds from the sale of other formats, such as print and select digital forms, will support the library to help cover Journal production, hosting costs, materials acquisitions, and other expenses. So, in addition to promoting and making available new works, this project will help the library carry on effort to fulfill its mission.

Right to Edit

For all submissions, of any kind, whether general or specific, the Journal reserves the right to make edits necessary for publication and presentation, including edits for length, clarity, usage and style; as well as modify or recreate images. In all cases, the intention is to provide the best possible presentation of the submitted work. Where edits materially change the work, every effort will be made to include the creator in the process, and to be sure there is ongoing agreement to changes made before publication.

Reservation of Rights

The Hermetic Library and the Journal reserve the right to refuse publication of any submission, for any reason, and to remove submissions from publication in cases where they fail or are found to fail legal, ethical or other reasonable standards, at the sole discretion of the library and Journal. All other rights as publisher, editor and site owner are similarly reserved by the Hermetic Library.

General Submissions

All general submissions shall include an abstract (or, for creative works, an artist statement), suggested keywords, and, when applicable, citations in footnotes. A bibliography is not required unless it adds value to the work beyond the footnotes. In order to create an anthology profile, a biographical statement about the creator of the work and a profile image shall also be provided.

Written Submissions
  • There is no predetermined length, neither minimum nor maximum, for written submissions. However, effort should be made to ensure written work is 'just so' for the purpose of the piece, neither overbearingly long nor too cryptically short relative to the subject matter, unless I suppose that is the point. Works of considerable length may be serialized.
  • Submissions should endeavour to be suitably concise but complete thoughts that are lucid, coherent, consistent, relevant and aesthetic. Obviously creative work has more flexibility in this regard, but in all cases where uncertainty might arise a lucid and informative abstract, or artist statement, will help ensure proper reception of a submission.
  • Files should be in HTML, RTF or PDF format. For submissions with Unicode or non-Latin characters a supplemental PDF that shows proper display is required.
  • Related and relevant graphics are encouraged when demonstrative or additive, but not arbitrary, to the content. Alternate or additional graphics may be selected by the Journal.
  • The language of this journal is English. written work should be internally consistent in spelling variation. Quotes and creative work in other languages should also be provided in English as footnote or alternate in-line for reference.
Graphic Submissions
  • Images of any kind should be offered as high quality, lossless digital files suitable for print such as 600 DPI TIFF or vector format.
  • For images, a statement of source and demonstrated permission to use will be required.
Footnotes and Bibliography

In order to increase readability over APA or MLA styles of citation, references in submissions should be numbered footnotes according to the Chicago Manual of Style also.

Anthology Profile

The library maintains an index of anthology profiles. Please provide a profile image and short biographical statement about the creator of the work, a CV of other significant work, along with a preference for a URL to be used when promoting the work.

Peer-Review Process

The Journal offers a completely optional and experimental peer-review process for general submissions. This optional process involves a non-refundable peer-review fee at the time of submission. Under the general submissions process, work submitted to the Journal will receive a simple binary response of either accepted for publication or rejected. However, if a submission is also being peer-reviewed, there will be a range of responses including Accept, Revise, Reject and Revise, Reject, where each includes feedback from the reviewer about the reason for the response and constructive suggestions that would not be offered otherwise.

The optional peer-review process will not, in any way, guarantee publication of a work. Peer-review is an opportunity for review, but it is not a way to secure publication. Also, this optional peer-review process will only be available up front and cannot be added to a submission, to receive either feedback or chance to revise, after the fact of an editorial decision to reject for publication.

Peer-Review Fee$50

Specific Submissions In addition to the primary composition of the Journal from the general written and artistic submissions, there will be a few specific submissions available, each for specialized purpose.

Specific Submissions

Symposium (Forum)

The Symposium is an opportunity for readers to write on a topic pre-selected for each issue. Non-fiction and personal narrative is encouraged, but a wide range of personal expression is possible. Submissions to the Symposium may be heavily edited but the creator will be contacted with proposed edits prior to publication, unless this is waived when submitted. Anonymity in publication is available, but not in the submission process, and the name used in publication may be presented in abbreviated or anonymous form at the discretion of the Journal. This is not an opportunity to slander, libel or flame others, so do not do so; and where speaking of others names should be changed and indicated to the Journal as such. Also, speak for yourself, your own thoughts and ideas.

The Journal, in general, and this section, specifically, is intended to be a hospitable environment where no one ends up in hospital or therapy, including myself. I feel I must be clear this Symposium is not going to be a space to slander, libel, flame or otherwise attack people or points of view; but rather to offer readers an opportunity to offer personal thoughts and ideas about the specific topic selected.

Kottabos (Letters)

Letters to the Editor are an opportunity to throw wine, kudos, criticisms and comments. Generally, these submissions should be 200 words or less, but if you're particularly interesting or entertaining, greater lengths in the range of 500 words may be risked. Letters to the Editor may be considered for publication and edited without notice.

The Journal, in general, and this section, specifically, is intended to be a hospitable environment where no one ends up in hospital or therapy, including myself. While this Kottabos can provide a place for pithy and piquant statements, but it is not a place to be insulting or rude. I feel I must be clear this Kottabos is not going to be a space to slander, libel, flame or otherwise attack people or points of view; but rather to offer readers an opportunity to offer thoughts and feedback about the journal.

Agora (Market)

The Journal will offer space for advertisements. When placed in print these will be 1/4 page, 1/2 page or full page sizes; and have vertical, horizontal, or square orientations. When presented online, or in other digital formats, be aware that every reasonable effort will be made to maintain the fidelity of the size and format relative to content within the medium, but some variation will be inevitable. Please provide advertisements in high quality, lossless digital files suitable for print such as 600 DPI TIFF or vector format. Also, please provide a destination URL for use when possible in the format of presentation. Placement within each journal will be determined primarily by order of submission, mediated only where necessary to avoid detrimental juxtapositions and so forth.

Print SizeFee
¼ page $75
½ page $100
Full page $150
Kerukeion (Announcements)

If you have an announcement or notice that you would like to submit, the Journal will offer some space for the community to reach out to each other without cost. However, notices should be very brief and have some indication of how to find out more about the topic or event mentioned, such as offering a URL.

Last updated: 24 Jun 2014