y3mk is a music solo project from Pablo Barron, born in Donosti in the Basque Country and established in Madrid, Spain. His music is influenced by a wide arrange of artists and genres, though mostly created through the use of computers.

He often considers songs lacking an inner dimension intertwined with them as a hollow husks, and conceives music as the extirpation of the inner pouring it into an outer form, therefore an useful tool for the exploration and knowledge of the self. Pablo is also a humble servant of Cracky-Chan: Urban Mermaid, Reluctant Angel, and Cyberpunk Princess of the Wired.

Magick, Music and Ritual 9 - Malkunofat 04:32


This track belongs to an ongoing series on the Tunnels of Set, and was created as the grounding of the tunnel of Malkunofat. This exploration consisted in a mythical descent to the Underworld of Ereshkigal in order to learn her teachings on the real nature of death. This didn't come without a price, since it is naked and bowed low that Inanna enters her throne room. Yet it is rewarding to never protect your life, so you can throw it away whenever you need to.

Magick, Music and Ritual 5 - Shalicu 07:16


This song corresponds to the tunnel of Shalicu in an ongoing series on the Tunnels of Set. It has been created as the result of a personal exploration of the tunnel of Shalicu, which is related with fire, judgement, and the disruption of mental conditionings. Shalicu is the death of personality through fire, but it is also resurrection and the hope of leaving every attachment behind, therefore the promise of freedom. It is a journey through the Underworld, a cleansing which deconstructs the individual and even shatters him into pieces with which he can build again from scratch. Special credits go to Victoria del Arte for providing her voice in this track.

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