Viginti Tres Sæcula

Born to create magickal soundscapes of lust and will. Inspired by the hidden demons to leave the magickal silence, following various paths. Viginti Tres Sæcula (VTS) creates compositions, arrangements and soundtracks in a magickal sense. You have to forget every single rule about music, because it is not the combination of harmony, melody and rhythm what is leading our work but more the magickal, psychologickal, mathematickal and astronomickal realities which leads our sound-works.

In decades we developed and explored our magickal system which is centered in the community θίασος:CE333

Since 2014 Viginti Tres Sæcula is also known as Θ:ΗΔ (Th:ID)

Magick, Music and Ritual 10 - Karthago-Cefalù 05:00

(Viginti Tres Sæcula)

Here, Viginti Tres Sæcula are Fra. Fuego Nyt, Mostafa Abdul, Niko Soukesian and Thee Demonick Eremite. Recorded and mixed 2014 era vulgaris at the Bai Sun Temple Berlin. Exclusive version for The Hermetic Library.

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