Utu Lautturi

In a desperate attempt to transform flesh into sound, Utu Lautturi was born. To force the shattered shards of a broken mind into audible reflective surfaces and summon guides in the endeavor of hermetic re-creation. Produced by whatever means, when and wherever, unrestrained by genre or method, Utu Lautturi's sounds and words are a second skin. All of his work relies on improvisation, snipping shadows off moments gone, and arduously attempting to compile them again into something vaguely familiar. Something to rest on and reach inside from. For if there is something sacred to Utu Lautturi, be it muddy and foul or gleaming pure, it must be imagination.

Magick, Music and Ritual 7 - Pärnämäeltä Pajamäen juoksuhautoihin 09:05

Pärnämäeltä Pajamäen juoksuhautoihin
(Utu Lautturi)

The track revolves around a sauna session. Lighting it up, throwing steam, and in the end resting on the pier. It's also a mental trip into a place where I spent some of the most frightening moments of my life, Pajamäki. In the abandoned trenches used in the last Finnish war, something crept inside. It is released in this soundscape. The title is translated as “From Pärnämäki to the trenches of Pajamäki” (mäki = hill).

From Utu Lautturi's Korpinkorva EP

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