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Twelve Hides is music for the third eye, inspired by deserts of Arabia and the Pyramids of Egypt. All music is by Ben Tweddell, and vocals are from Tiffany Bryant, both ex-members of Psychedelic-folk band Thistletown.

Magick, Music and Ritual 10 - Ghayat al-Hakim - 06:09

Ghayat al-Hakim

Magick, Music and Ritual 9 - 57<sup>th</sup> Step of the Pyramid - 07:07

57th Step of the Pyramid

Each set of stairs on descent into the heart of the Pyramid is comprised of 57 steps and at the end of the 57th, a small platform was provided against the outer wall, one scant slab barely large enough to seat one thin man. Why these slabs were provided remains a mystery, for surely they were not designed as a resting-place in an area where no one was ever expected to travel.

Nothing was left to chance here and everything was deliberate. We believe in the power of numbers and that numbers resonate with harmonic frequencies. This is the frequency of the 57th Step.

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