The Gray Field Recordings

The Gray Field Recordings was formed by R. Loftiss, who creates music with a wide range of instruments … potentially anything that makes a sound. She is world-weary and tired and believes that in the end talking animals will lead us home by the light of the moon.

She is often joined, on albums and live performances, by violist David Salim and violinist Justin Jones. The latest Gray Field Recordings album, “Nature Desires Nature”, features the talents of Alan Trench (Orchis, Twelve Thousand Days, Temple Music) Frank Suchomel (Inalonelyplace, Language of Light), and Mike Seed (The Chasms).

She has appeared on several compilations including Gold Leaf Branches (Foxglove/Digitalis) and Lead into Gold (Rebis Records).

R. has collaborated with a number of artists including Language of Light, Eyes of Wood, Ctephin, Anvil Salute, frogtoboggan, Spagirus, Techix, Inalonelyplace, Cousin Silas, Mike Seed, and Temple Music. Her newest band, with Alan Trench, is Howling Larsons.

Magick, Music and Ritual 8 - After Fire 01:30

After Fire

“After Fire” was inspired by the idea of the Greek titan Prometheus, after he has been punished by Zeus for stealing fire. Zeus punished him by chaining him to a rock and commanding an eagle to pluck out his liver every day, only to have it grow back and be plucked out again the next day.

Prometheus’ name is derived from the Greek pro (before) + manthano (intelligence), thus meaning “Forethinker” and fire suggests passionate insight. The moon can symbolize hidden knowledge, subconsciousness, and insanity. In a considerable number of cultures, the crow is a messenger or represents death.

The song can be seen as an inner dialogue … thus after gaining an insight that took great thought Prometheus, tormented by his subconscious and ideas of mortality, is resigned to his punishment because there is no greater insight to be had. In other words, it could be described as profound inspiration followed by the dark night of the soul.

Written and conjured by R. Loftiss

Magick, Music and Ritual 8 - After Fire 01:30

Black Dog

“Black Dog” was inspired by a reoccurring dream in which I turn into a black dog and race wildly through the woods and fields at dawn.

Let loose by R. Loftiss

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