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Casey Rae-Hunter’s online magazine is also called The Contrarian. Casey also runs Lux Eterna Records.

Magick, Music and Ritual 1 - The Magician 05:11

The Magician

”The Magician” is a limited-time exclusive from the upcoming album Arjuna, by The Contrarian. The song, like all on this record, deals with the Metaphysical Masculine in times of strife or opposition. This track is an attempt to reflect the qualities of the Magician tarot card, in both a literal depiction of its symbolic qualities, and a more hermetic transmission of its subtle ones — including, but not limited to — the material and spiritual challenges of attainment. It celebrates any spur to action through the ongoing investigation of wisdom techniques.
”The Magician” was composed, performed and recorded by Casey Rae-Hunter at Sounds of the Baskerville studios in Washington, DC.

The Magician

Mercury infect eternal mind
Left to earth, right points to the sky
Purity, skillfully combined
Walk the path, scrutinize the signs
Read the text, see between the lines
He watches
Meaning is erased
Flame is burning down
Carrion and prey
Rotting in the ground
Empty harbor dawn
Sails torn and frayed
Ignorance abounds
Sky a flashing grey
A single light abides
High upon the peak
Illuminate the way
For all of those who seek

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