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Terra is a digital illustrator, graphic designer, and a writer. Using symbols and metaphor, she attempts to craft worlds and stories to explore the potentiality of the unconscious mind, and its mythology, and give it life in the material world. Terra's work is styled loosely upon the comic styles of her youth, and the portals to another world which graphic novels represent. Years of study upon the esoteric traditions of the west, and modern Chaos Mysticism, have developed her philosophy of life which can be gleaned in her work.

Terra has been a strict adherent of paper, pencil, pen, and ink for the majority of the time, branching out into purely digital works recently as an extension of her philosophy.

Magick, Music and Ritual 10 - Cover Artwork

Hermetic Library Anthology Magick Music and Ritual 10 cover by Terra Bosart

The Fool is an inspiring figure for myself, launching into the unknown, and diving head first into new experiences. As we head into Autumn, and the natural world begins it’s march into winter, I feel it’s important to keep that youthful vigor of the Fool fueling ambitions. It can be quite tempting to hunker down and hibernate through the winter as it approaches, but we still have the Fall to continue our sacred works.

The female Satyr has been a personal archetype for as long as I can recall. Her horns symbolic of the feminine wisdom, and of life giving energies. The hooves can firmly grip the earth, a very grounding sense of inherent qualities such as belonging, acceptance, and movement or travel. Sure footing, as we travel our lives path, into the experiences of what may yet be. A walking staff, as a symbol of artificial grounding, alongside the natural means of travel. A third option, when many may only feel they have two.

Then, leap out into the unsure territories, and let what you encounter change your very self. Surrender that grounding connection to the earth for a bit, and let whimsy soar. The seasons change, and we must change as well, leaving old patterns of behavior which no longer suit our needs and desires.

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