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People of Pan = Hermetic Musick Drama. The ancient river valleys of Eastern England. Whispered tales of the Old Gods. Freakout, psychedelic transmissions projecting 12th century troubadours into 1970s military facilities. The Birth of Tomorrow.

People of Pan are brought together by elusive Norfolk (UK)-based producer Jabulon. Aeons worth of musical obsessions coagulate into a post-modern reality implosion. People of Pan = inclusive and welcome collaborations and mashups through their SoundCloud portal.

Magick, Music and Ritual 17 - LAShTAL 06:13


LAShTAL is created exclusively for the Hermetic Library. It is a tribute to the pioneers of Thelemic Music, Graham Bond and Diane Stewart. It is composed by Richard Beckett and Digby Spencer-Lewis, Graham Bond and Diane Stewart and produced by Jabulon. It interpolates Graham Bond and Diane Stewart’s Atlantean Call, from Graham Bond, Holy Magick, Vertigo 1970.

This Is Not An Hermetic Library Anthology Album -4 - Templar Trip Tick 07:30

Templar Trip Tick
(Beckett/Gangs of Choppings)

Composed by R. Beckett and Gangs of Choppings, transmitted through the wormhole.

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