There is no ego or self indulgence within this presentation, but rather self sacrifice, where aspects of self both die and birth upon the path toward spiritual oneness and truth. A solely devotional expression that gives voice to the silent, formless void, in shapes that are formed through experience, intellect and the awakening of the “inner eye”; the sovereign cadence of which we seek via the triangle/monad.

OrosKhaos is a tool through which we receive and express aspects of this journey toward spiritual oneness; beyond duality and opposites, in the silence of His fire.

A perfect imperfection; a complete incompletion …

May the left hand tug the veil of Maya and reveal Pralaya.

Magick, Music and Ritual 12 - Dispelling the Difference (II Supraterranean)

Dispelling the Difference (II Supraterranean)

Dispelling the Difference is a piece of two parts. The first, (I: Subterranean), began beneath a Saturn aligning itself in opposition to Earth. The work has journeyed with us through summer, autumn, winter and spring, and found us once more in summer, to seek its completion. (II: Supraterranean) completes and unifies Dispelling the Difference, and did so beneath a Saturn once again aligning itself in opposition to Earth, as Jupiter gave reign to Venus.

As Above, So Below, verily.

Magick, Music and Ritual 10 - OrosKhaos - The Great Descent

The Great Descent

OrosKhaos is a direct manifestation of our path and journey, and The Great Descent is the first chapter in our expression of it. It represents the monad and trident, within the centre of which the eye, or the consciousness resides, and the journey that begins thereof toward unity and oneness of spirit. The entire expression is to be seen as one totality, but is split between two pieces. The Great Descent being the most fundamental portion, and Fivefold Impetus Toward Unity (Part I) being an offering of both this and a separate greater whole.

Fivefold Impetus Toward Unity is a piece of five parts, each of which shall be released on consecutive expressions, until upon the fifth, it reaches its whole. It is an exploration of the four principal elements and central spirit that make up the divine five pointed star.

Open your hearts, open your souls, open your ears but close your two eyes and make way for the one that is the third.

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