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Mold Omen

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Painted by Byron Coley as having a “grasp of form either highly advanced or non-existent”, Mold Omen has pitched their tent into the weird woods of the Baltimore wilds since their inception in 2010(ish). Bound together by amateur techniques, academic studies into Pierre Schaeffer and an overall dank bent, MO have released albums on House of Alchemy, Spleencoffin, Teflon Beast, Lava Church and Holy Page records.

Magick, Music and Ritual 12 - Mold Omen - Space

(Mold Omen)

This is a track called Space, a title playing off the vagueness of the word. We observe the physical space of musical creation becoming an inner space of musical experience. This unquantifiable process, the mysterious interplay of physical and subjective dimensions, forms the foundation of any ritualistic endeavor.

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