Michael Idehall

Michael Idehall resides in Sweden and is a published author, artist and musician whose artworks have been exhibited in galleries and museums.

The artistic output of Michael Idehall always strives towards manifesting an opening to a world beyond the mundane. The creative process involves honing in on the nexuses between the flows of mind, matter and spirit. Nexuses which exist inside the human being, but also in the outer world, as conglomerations of energy and matter. In Michael’s creations, this convergence is revealed through the clash of ancient and modern, natural and artificial, and first and foremost the instilling of spirit into object.

Michael’s latest musical work has been described as reminiscent of “Psychic TV, Coil and similar, esoterically inclined artists. Not that his seancetronica really sound like any of those, but he — or what ever unseen force is imprinted into his machines — conjures up the same emotional states.”

Magick, Music and Ritual 12 - Michael Idehall - Parokethian Radiation Pt 1

Parokethian Radiation Pt 1

Parokethian Radiation pt.1 is a meditation on the outermost regions of the astral realm. Within the Draconian current, this region of heaviness is sometimes called ”The Storm” because of the radiation of the Black Sun – Thagirion is so violent and shattering.

Visualise how you are poised below an enormous black sphere with an intense, dense corona. The light is so bright that it comes across as darkness. Violent surges of solar energy burst in all directions. Within the tumultuous torrent engulfing you are small shards of what appears to be black glass. They rip through your being and unclothe you your mundane self, leaving only a daemonic being of prophetic power.

Magick, Music and Ritual 4 - Michael Idehall - Belzebuth (Hermetic Library Mix)

Belzebuth (Hermetic Library Mix)

Belzebuth was composed during a period of intense congress with the principal spirits of the Grand Grimoire. It was fashioned through states of possession, and the composition holds keys that can enable the listener to enter into similar states of consciousness.

Lord Belzebuth is called “The Veiled One”, and sonically this composition can be said to represent winds or waves moving across the veil from Sitra Ahra and into Malkuth/Lilith. Like rays of light shining through the fibbers of a gauze, the gnosis of Belzebuth enters the world.

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