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Mahatma Dalí, a composer of vanishing-point music, strives to provide the masses with a unique listening experience. While the sustained tone branch of minimalist music is about as far away from music as it can get before it ceases to be musical, there is something undeniably rhythmic and hypnotic about it — the very things M. Dalí accentuates on.

The harmonic (and quasi-harmonic) tone-clusters that culminate M. Dalí’s brand of dronology are riveting in a way that becomes increasingly difficult to describe as it plays out. When you couple this with the conceptual soundscapes that they articulate within, you’ll find what the ear would otherwise dismiss as tumultuous becomes a sonic scenery wherein which your imagination is the only limiting factor in this auditory experience.

Magick, Music and Ritual 6Initium Novum 22:53

Initium Novum

The last segment to the Lux Lucis album, this piece of the Occult Sonicart release is entitled, “Initium Novum”. This final fragment is not meant so much to be conclusive as it is meant to relay one back into the first segment, “Terminus ut Vetus”. What this sonic atmosphere is intended to convey is the internal battle between the Light and Dark — the Self and Ego. It is not a war that can necessarily be won by either side, but oftentimes we find ourselves feeding one side more than the other — providing that part of ourselves a momentary instant of more influence. The composition of this track includes vocal parts contributed by Mahatma Dalí’s id, The Masterless. The inclusion of The Masterless practically felt necessary, considering Mahatma Dalí has been referred to as the ‘egoless alter’ and The Masterless, the ‘alter ego’. It is a haunting registry indeed, whether it is the tail of the serpent or its head is irrelevant. For with the Ouroboros, everything comes full circle.

Magick, Music and Ritual 5Elephant Graveyard 11:21

Elephant Graveyard

A sonic affair geared towards conceptualizing the hunt of Hyenas (available also on the Digitalisman / Analonginus dual EP). The chosen set of frequencies is meant to lend the shallow impression that this track is disruptive to the thought process. However, as time goes on and the track progresses, it is evident that the choice of high and low-register frequencies balance one another out — creating a seemingly meditative environment through synergistic sound synthesis. To some degree this is can be deemed accurate, although what is really created is a temporarily narrowed cognitive scope - making it difficult to shift focus completely or begin a new train of thought. To further assure the effect, there are occasional shifts in attenuation to draw the ear in further when the track becomes more lengthy, akin to “Steam-Powered Serpent” (from the ‘Analonginus’ side of the dual EP).

Magick, Music and Ritual 4Dignitas Supremus 05:13

Dignitas Supremus

This piece is part of Mahatma Dalí’s forthcoming full-length, Lux Lucis, with its sonic focus being on illustrating an emergence from the Shadow and onward into the Light. The structure of the song being, in part, influenced by Carl Jung’s philosophies concerning Self and Ego: While the Self can Shine, it can’t remain free of Ego’s influence forever as both are codependent on one another. That being said, the track starts within the Shadow (Ego), rises to Light (Self), and returns from which it came (the Shadow).

Magick, Music and Ritual 1Whence Came You 05:40

Whence Came You

Mahatma Dalí crafted this piece with The Hermetic Library in mind specifically. Compositionally speaking, it is a minimalistic piece meant to imply a directional movement, however hesitant it may be at times. Sonically speaking, it is a fusion of a subsonic stimulation and high-register accents that lend the overall track a declassic, yet symphonic presentation.

The Pentagram by Aleister Crowley

In the years of the Primal Course, in the dawn of terrestrial birth, Man Mastered the mammoth and horse, and Man was the lord of the earth.

He made him a hollow skin from the heart of a holy tree, He compassed the earth therein, and Man was lord of the Sea.

He controlled the vigour of steam, he harnessed the lightning for hire; He drove the celestial team, and Man was the lord of Fire.

Deep-mouthed from their thrones deep-seated, the choirs of the æons declare The last of the demons defeated, for Man is the lorde of the Air.

Arise, O Man, in thy strength! the kingdom is thine to inherit Till the high gods witness at length that Man is the lord of his spirit.

Magick, Music and Ritual 1 — Inner Conversation 28:10

Inner Conversation

As a special incentive for pre-order of the anthology album there was immediate download of “Inner Conversation” by Mahatma Dalí. That 28 minute bonus track was available only as part of the digital pre-release.

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