The musical project Machabray was conceived in 2011 by Simon Mudri, currently in London, UK. The main inspiring forces behind this project are the western ways of dealing with death throughout our history, Danse Macabre, funeral rites, secret societies, Lovecraftian horror, Christianity, relics, saints, dealing with the sinister side of our souls, and fighting depression.

Magick, Music and Ritual 5 - Empty Room (Part V) 04:25

Empty Room (Part V)

Empty Room (Part V) captures the sudden emptiness that comes after someone departs from your life, and the need to process what happened because life keeps on going, even if it should have stopped for a moment to let you breathe. There is need to fill the void with inaudible whispers, the need to cry out in pain, to sing a song of goodbye, because the dead do not suffer, the living do.

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