Hermetic Library Anthology Artist Glamourie

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Ambient project by French musician Merle Bardenoir, Glamourie updates its meaning of ‘enchantment’ through a sound exploration of magical themes such as witchcraft, fairylore or medieval legends.

The use of hammered dulcimer, alto flute or traditional percussion transformed live by effects units gives Glamourie an organic aspect drawing its sources from psychedelic folk, minimalism, experimental electronic and early music.

Magick, Music and Ritual 17 - Invocation of Gwyn ap Nudd 04:44

Invocation of Gwyn ap Nudd

“Ad regem Eumenidium et reginam eius: Gwynn ap Nwdd qui es ultra in silvis pro amore concubine tue permitte nos venire domum.” It is with these words as they appear in a 14th century manuscript that the Welsh soothsayers ask the King of the Fairies for the right to enter his domain. This musical setting of this ancient charm is intended to reiterate this request and will perhaps allow the listener to have access to the same privilege.

This Is Not An Hermetic Library Anthology Album -4 - Shrine Visit at Ox Hour 03:33

Shrine Visit at Ox Hour

In Japan, a curse called “ushi no koku mairi” (丑の刻参り) is supposed to be performed at the hour of the ox (between 1 and 3 AM). The practitioner —usually a scorned woman— dressed in white, wearing a mirror on her chest and crowned with an iron ring with three lit candles on it, drives nails into a sacred tree in a Shinto shrine to harm her victim. The idea of this track is to give to hear the nocturnal atmosphere of this ritual where the blows of mallet resound.

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