Galen Wade

Galen Wade of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, is a restless creative artist who has explored a variety of different styles over the years, but is currently engaged in a synthesis of his musical passions and obsessions including crisp beats, funky bass-lines, precision electronic loops and sound transformation, blistering electric guitar feedback, sweet acoustic guitar flinger-picking and slide, glitches and crackles, distortion and smooth verb and the occasional word and/or vocal hiccup for good measure. Current projects in development are the brand spanking new virtual band, The Holograms, a collaboration with Wade Walker (aka Hieroglytch).

Magick, Music and Ritual 4 - Two Moons 03:52

Two Moons

The title of this instrumental track is a reference to Murakami’s novel, 1Q84. This song is made from the same DNA as YRGAHOM, and carved out of the very same tracks, with the addition of the chunk guitar and scratch. The scratch is from a recording of Shakespeare’s The Tempest that has incidental music from Paul Bowles who is coincidentally one of Galen Wade’s very favorite writers as well, and around it goes, like the stirring of the cauldron which is life under a microscope in the petri-dish of dream.

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