Eyes of Wood

Painting: K. Blalack

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Eyes of Wood is the coming together of creative minds from multiple fields, comprising music by Rebecca Loftiss and Frank Suchomel, artwork/concept by K. Blalack, and poetry/lyrics by Dean F. Wilson.

Rebecca Loftiss and Frank Suchomel of the acid-psych folk band Language of Light have been doing music for many years together and in their various solo incarnations. Rebecca runs the experimental record label AntiClock Records.

K. Blalack works in a variety of artistic mediums, primarily painting and creating figurative sculptures to reflect inner realities. For this project she will be contributing paintings, which add visual clarification and enhancement of the messages and ideas portrayed in the musical pieces.

Dean F. Wilson is an author, journalist, Gnostic and Golden Dawn magician. In addition to writing poetry, he also writes non-fiction, such as his first book Enochian Magic in Theory (Kerubim Press), and fiction, such as The Call of Agon (Dioscuri Press).

Magick, Music and Ritual 4 - The Challenge 04:11

The Challenge

The Challenge is a piece about a magician who calls forth a spirit and asks if it is real or just part of her imagination - and if it is real, is it really who it says it is? And what happens if the spirit has an answering challenge? Vocals by Rebecca Loftiss and Dean F. Wilson.

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