Ashley Barber

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Ashley Barber was always the weird, overly bookish, artistic kid, and as thus naturally grew up into an occultist. Her artistic practice is heavily influenced by the strange, mystical, and timeless, drawing inspiration from the surrealists and symbolists of the last century. Ashley mostly works in digital media but also remains a devoted fan of the Pigma Micron Pen. Ashley is an aspirant to A∴A∴, and, other than being a Thelemite, she is also an Ordained Minister in the Church of the SubGenius. Ashley lives in Tallahassee, Florida, and works in commercial art, having graduated from Florida State University in 2007.

Magick, Music and Ritual 11 - Artwork and Design


In the Thelemic Calendar, Anno V:i (2015 e.v.), represents the docosade of the Hierophant and the year of the Magus. When I think of the combination of Atu V (the Hierophant) and Atu I (the Magus), immediately I imagine the raw creative force of the Magus and the Earthy initiatory influences of the Hierophant. Here macrocosm and microcosm unite on a purple and yellow field of infinite creation and annihilation. Ibis, the sacred bird of Thoth, fly in the background. The starry sky of Nuit looks down on the Bull of the Hierophant as it unites in ecstasy with the raw creative forces of the Word. The flank of the bull is pierced with the 9 nails representing the Moon, but here the nails are drawing blood and emit the spiral energy of creation from their heads. Behind the Bull lies the physical manifestation of pure information, DNA.

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