Anthony Teth

A Rhode Island native, Anthony Teth grew up wandering and learning from New England’s eldritch woods, shadowy alleyways, and history-laden haunts. A regular bouncer and bartender around Providence for over two decades, he also worked construction, earned a history degree, helped (re)launch and organize a few NecronomiCons, studied with ritualists and herbalists in secretive mystical orders, toured the US and Europe as a heavy metal musician, and wrote and edited copy for The Witches’ Almanac.

Obsessed with all things natural and magical since childhood, Teth recently took over ownership of Alchemy Works, an online shop that allows him to spend his days (and nights) keeping up with his esoteric studies and hand-blending mystical oils and incenses for other practicing occultists, witches, magicians, and spiritual seekers. In addition, Teth sometimes hosts lectures and teaches classes on Occult History and Ritual Magic. A frequent hiker, if you can’t find him in his shop/ritual space, he’s probably out harvesting herbs in a forgotten swamp or photographing a crumbling graveyard somewhere.

Anthony Teth lives with his wife, two cats, several thousand books, a small garden and over a hundred possibly sentient houseplants.

The Hermetic Library Anthology Album - Magick, Music and Ritual 15 by The Hermetic Library

"The Hanged Man" from Dream Logic Tarot by Jay Gidwitz and Anthony Teth as cover for Magick, Music and Ritual 15

The cover for Magick, Music and Ritual 15 features the work “The Hanged Man” from Dream Logic Tarot by Jay Gidwitz and Anthony Teth.

The Hanged Man is a card of tribulations. In readings, it tends to represent situations of discomfort, awkwardness, deprivation, severe discipline, extreme stress, general pain, and occasional terror. It also represents one’s ability to transcend all of these troublesome obstacles with generous helpings of grace, brilliance, and self-reflection. However, like in many parts of life, the proverbial gain can only happen post-pain. Side-stepping the trials in question (sometimes well-known and purposefully evaded) nullifies their eventual benefits as well.

Qabalistically speaking, the Hanged Man represents the path of Mem or Water, stretching between the sphere of might and severity (Geburah) and the sphere of intellectual splendor (Hod). Thus, it is sometimes viewed as the path which transmutes the harsh, offbeat and staccato energy of Martial Geburah into the cerebral alacrity of Mercurial Hod.

Water is important in this transition for various reasons, and not merely because its most common glyph in the Western mystical traditions happens to be an inverted Fire triangle. Water’s ability to move and flow, as well as its ability to conform to any sealed container certainly springs to mind. Also emblazoned is the idea that one can only truly ‘dive into’ the unknown. Pawing around its edges gets us nowhere.

Going deeper, water signifies our core emotions, the mirrors of self-reflection, and the vast expanse of consciousness within us all. Embracing these regularly passive parts of ourselves when faced with some of our most difficult life challenges allows us to tap into the limitless wellsprings of inner power usually lost to us, giving us an unseen edge no matter how dire the circumstances.

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