(The Hermetic Order of the) Al Qaeda


“The Hermetic Order of the Al Qaeda is not a terrorist organization, we are a group of musicians!”

Al Qaeda is a psychedelic ambient band from San Francisco featuring members of Everything Under the Sun is a Tomb and Bruant des Marais.

“If you've never heard of seals, death posture, invocations, weird rituals where blood and body fluids are on the agenda, you're probably sane. But often, sane persons make shit. The noisy trio from San Francisco called Al Qaeda, judging by the music it does, is insane. … It's the closest thing to the early ritual-industrial scene, populated by people who were playing with human bones and seemed to come out from Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising.” — Marta Gastro Spasmo, Vice Italy

Magick, Music and Ritual 4 - Call of the 30th Aethyr 10:04

Call of the 30th Aethyr
((The Hermetic Order of the) Al Qaeda)

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