Akoustik Timbre Frekeuncy

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency is a Shamanik Ritual akt that was founded in 2001. Since then ATF has produced over 20 releases and has featured on over 70 kompilations for various labels. ATF has also performed live Blood Rituals in thee Netherlands, France, Germany and thee UK during many events over thee years.

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency mainly fokuses on kreating elektro-akoustik kompositions that are designed for Ritual usage, no matter what path thee praktitioner may follow.These have been labelled as ‘General Ritual Intensifiers’ and are designed to augment thee Gnostik experience. Various Ritual Instruments from around thee world are utilised within these rekordings inkluding Singing Bowls, Horns, Aura Chimes, Rain Stiks, Flutes and Bamboo Perkussion to name a few.Field rekordings are also inkorporated within thee kompositions which kan range from graveyards to nature parks, from sewers to tree tops. These akoustik rekordings are interwoven with synthesised and sampled material to kreate an evokative environment for thee listener to use as they see fit. It is a Sonik Tool…

Magick, Music and Ritual 13 - Thee Vision of Dakini 08:19

Thee Vision of Dakini
(Akoustik Timbre Frekuency)

This is an exklusive komposition kreated for thee 'Magic, Music & Ritual' kompilation put together by thee Hermetic Library.It is dedikated to thee Dakinis, a wrathful Spirit spoken of within thee Tibetan Buddhist system. These kan be seen as meditational Deities that bestow a Vision of thee 'true nature of reality' upon thee Praktitioner.This is one of thee final stages on thee Path to Enlightenment.

Instrumentation for this inkludes Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Bells, Seed Shakers, Shamanik Rattle and Vokal Chanting.

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