This Is Not An Hermetic Library Anthology Album -1

2019 / Album

Released: October 11, 2019

“This Is Not An Hermetic Library Anthology Album -1” is a special alternative release in 2019 just for Patrons and Subscribers of Hermetic Library. This playlist, presented in no particular order, has 6 tracks by 5 artists.

Please join the Hermetic Library in promoting these artists who have contributed their work to this benefit anthology album project. Please also spread the word about these anthology albums to people you think may be interested in the work of artists who combine magick, music and ritual.

The best way to add new releases, as well as previous releases and future Hermetic Library Anthology albums, to your personal music collection is through the Patron campaign at Patreon. New Patrons receive a gratis download code for a previous anthology release of their choice in addition to all the other patronage rewards they may receive. Consider becoming a Patron today!

However, this is not an anthology album. The only way to get past issues in this series is to become a subscriber on Bandcamp, in which case you will get immediate access to all past exclusive issues as well as the most recent back catalogue anthology release.

This Is Not An Hermetic Library Anthology Album -1 by Hermetic Library

  1. Alien Lizard - Sapphire 04:45
  2. Expose Your Eyes - The Abyss 08:07
  3. Hairs Abyss - ESP 06:41
  4. Hairs Abyss - Meditational Track 05:00
  5. Shams93 - Green Stone Land 05:01
  6. Sun Duel - Burn the Rent 03:59

The good news & bad news is that this is the only album release from Hermetic Library in 2019. Unfortunately, there was not enough participation for a full release from the Anthology Project, but, instead, with extra gratitude their way, those who were kind enough to agree to still participate this year have joined a special new issue exclusive to Subscribers on Bandcamp and Patrons on Patreon. This, then, is a thank you gift just for those who offer their ongoing support for the library and my work as the librarian, from both myself and these artists.

— John Griogair Bell