Magick, Music and Ritual 12

2016 / Album

Released: Sun in Sagittarius, Anno Vii

Magick, Music and Ritual 12, the one and only album release for 2016 from the Anthology Project, is being released for the 20th anniversary of the December birthday of the Hermetic Library, with a giant playlist of 45 tracks by 41 artists, new and returning voices, for this Hermetic Library Anthology Album.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Hermetic Library's birth on December 3, 1996!

Our cover includes the collage “Dark Night of the Soul” by Eugenia Loli for this deadly current year in the Thelemic Calendar, Anno V:ii (2016 e.v.), which represents the docosade of Atu V, the Hierophant and the year of the Atu II, High Priestess.

Please join the Hermetic Library in promoting these artists who have contributed their work to this benefit anthology album project. Please also spread the word about these anthology albums to people you think may be interested in the work of artists who combine magick, music and ritual.

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The Hermetic Library Anthology Album - Magick, Music and Ritual 12 by The Hermetic Library

  1. Primitive Knot - Manifestations of the Outer Gods 07:16
  2. Mold Omen - Space 05:06
  3. M.A.R. - Torturetron 05:06
  4. Wolven Angel - Babalond 05:37
  5. Children of Osiris - Rub Words Out 04:40
  6. Cthulhu and the Weeds - Booze 05:40
  7. Audiothrillseeker & Dave Migman - The Heart of Every Avalanche 03:25
  8. Huhuva - We're Almost There 02:08
  9. Johann FW Hasler - HaShem Pt 1 28:15
  10. Johann FW Hasler - HaShem Pt 2 39:33
  11. Captive Audience - Medicine Bag 05:14
  12. Black Church - Collect Yourself Start Praying 02:19
  13. Michael Idehall - Parokethian Radiation Pt 1 54:08
  14. Alka - Multiple 04:02
  15. OLD WVLF - Palace of Benevolence 03:53
  16. Ophwurld - Apollo 22 05:21
  17. P Emerson Williams - Prana 04:30
  18. OrosKhaos - Dispelling the Difference (II Supraterranean) 08:07
  19. Kim Logan - Western Medication 05:18
  20. Ace of Space - Day One 02:18
  21. Kieran Mahon - Everything is forever running and returning 07:48
  22. Troy Schafer - Tinisland 02:00
  23. Firmament - As One Watches The Rain 06:21
  24. Utopia Eleison - Ursa 09:21
  25. Robert Furtkamp - A rose cross at dawn 04:19
  26. Dr. Frank - Andromeda Klein 02:28
  27. Radio Free Clear Light - ITFC 04:04
  28. Kieran Mahon - Mirrors 08:29
  29. Shams93 - The Old Man of the Mountain 06:00
  30. Leah Bee - Sancta Mater, Musa #2 04:04
  31. Khan Kurra - Strange Tides 04:29
  32. (m) - seelenreise 03:36
  33. Somnolent - Corridors 05:19
  34. Doleful Lions - I Had Mythology 02:39
  35. Exomène - Byzantium 07:03
  36. The Message - The Cross of Christ 04:55
  37. Sun Duel - Lunar Pisces Temple Expansion 09:31
  38. Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison - Choronzon 18:51
  39. United Gods - Dreams of Awakening 06:35
  40. Anantakara - Translucent Grows 08:27
  41. Kim Cascone - Landing Lights on the Psychic Plane 05:38
  42. Antibarbarus (Transmissions from Radio Libra) - Celebration (Autumnal Equinox) 04:29
  43. Kim Logan - Better Way 04:04
  44. Utopia Eleison - Around the Strophalos 03:33
  45. Ace of Space - Broken Fire 03:28
  46. The Implicit Order - Will You Take Me All The Way 04:25

This twelfth Anthology Album from the Anthology Project has been a monster to put together, but also lots of fun for me. In addition to an open call for submissions, I got in contact with as many of the artists as I could from all previous releases. So many artists have returned to participate again that I've been overwhelmed by their generosity, and have enjoyed getting back in touch with them all.

Hermetic Library's 20th anniversary of its birth, is a giant milestone. I've found myself reflecting on the fact that many websites don't even last a year, and entire online empires crumble in less than a decade. For the library to survive for 20 years is really amazing, but even more so when compared to the life of most sites online. Some of the archived materials from other sites weren't online more than a fraction of how long they've been archived at the library!

September of 2016 also marked the 7th anniversary of when I took over the site as the new caretaker, as the librarian. I am incredibly grateful for the chance to be of service, and, while there's certainly been lows as well as highs, I believe I've been able to maintain and improve the site with careful, reasonable, and appropriate authority and responsibility. I started out a student among students, and believe I still maintain that relationship to the guests, colleagues, supporters and Patrons, who follow along, participate in, and help make possible all of this work I've been doing on the library project.

Here's to another 20 years for the library, and, may I be so lucky, another 7 for me as librarian! Thank you for the opportunity to be of service! Huzzah!

— John Griogair Bell